As a level 2 charging solution the Grizzl-E product line is hard to beat. Made in Canada and nearly indestructible, these chargers offer premium specs for a lower cost compared to competitors.

Grizzl-E chargers offer solutions for condo/strata applications, with options to best suit your needs.

Grizzl-E also offers the first positive ROI for public charging stations. Example of 30 EV chargers in the Condo/Strata parking garage (Competitor data is more or less accurate, allow some variations).

TypeCharging networkCost per charger, USDAdditional cost, USDTotal cost per 30 chargersMonthly network fees
Level 2 residential
ChargePoint CPF$1700 USDAt least one Cell booster: $1000 USD$52,000 USD$20 USD per charger: $600 USD per month $72,000 USD for 10 years
Level 2 residentialJuiceNet JuiceBox Pro 40$1400 USDAt least one WiFi/Cell Booster: $1000 USD$43,000 USD$150 USD per charger per year: $45,000 USD for 10 years
Level 2 for condo/strata FLO$2500 USDAt least one Cell Booster: $1000 USD$76, 000 USD$120 USD per charger per year : $36,000 USD for 10 years
Level 3 DC fast chargers Grizzl-E$500 USDAt least one PCPH $2000 USD$17,000 USDNo network fees in Stand Alone Mode

Level 2 and DC Fast Charging EVSE

These are the fastest chargers available today. Contact us for details

Level 2 EV charging is the fastest way to charge your EV at home.

GCE offers the first profitable commercial charging solution

GCE offers you the best value for condo/strata EV solutions. Powerful and reliable, with no annual fees, an EVSE network installed by Green Collar will provide huge savings for your property.

We can install a variety of DC fast chargers. Contact us to find a solution that meets your goals and budget.


When choosing the right EVSE for home a few factors need to be considered.

What power is required for a level 2 EVSE?

Level 2 chargers support charging from 20a-50a depending on available power. It is recommended that a minimum 40a circuit be installed to allow for faster charging and ensure that you are able to meet future EV requirements. EV’s have built in systems to only allow rated power to charge the EV, so installing a larger system than is required will not harm your EV.

What’s the difference between WIFI connected and non connected EVSE?

A connected EVSE allows you set a charging schedule and to monitor the charge level and power consumed. All this is done through an app put out by the EVSE manufacturer. A non connected EVSE does not store any information and you simply need to plug it in to begin charging.

Do I need a WIFI connected EVSE?

The short answer is no. Residential services in Alberta are not currently billed by time of day and there is a flat rate for electricity. Another thing to consider is that many cars currently have all the smart features built into them making the smart features on an EVSE redundant.

Do I need to upgrade my panel/service size?

A costly panel upgrade is something we try to avoid by installing either a sub panel and/or energy management systems. Energy management units monitor your home’s electricity usage and only supply power to the EVSE when it is safe to do so, helping you to avoid a costly service upgrade. Energy management systems for 30-50a EVSE are best suited for homes with 100a service or more. Homes built after 1980 should have a minimum 100a service. If you have an older home with a 60a service, a panel upgrade may not suffice and a service upgrade could be required. Service upgrades are typically costly. If necessary, a dedicated 20a circuit with an energy management system would be the economical choice. The size of your service can easily be determined by looking at the main breaker on your electrical panel.

Still not sure? Contact us today we can help you determine size of service and your best path forward easily via video chat or email.

Green Collar is pleased to offer Grizzl-e home EVSE solutions. Possibly the best value for EVSE available, these tough, versatile units are well reviewed and come with up to 5 a year warranty. All Grizzl-E units are strong, light weight, and plug in so that can be easily moved to another location.

Grizzl-E chargers include internal dip switches to set current to match available supply. By doing this Grizzl-E is able to offer a single charging solution for multiple applications.

New chargers priced from $569.00

Already have a charger or want a different brand?

Green Collar offers installation services for all CE approved EVSE at a fair price done in a timely manner.

Contact us today to get a free estimate

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