Solar systems on commercial properties are gaining popularity throughout North America and worldwide. Whether you are motivated by decreasing your monthly electricity charges, reducing your carbon footprint, or making your property more desirable to potential tenants, Green Collar can help.

A commercial building pays for electricity on a time-of-day rate which is highest during the day and lowers in the evening. This works great with PV systems as most of the power generated is during these peak times. With high electricity rates for businesses and the lower cost/watt of installing commercial PV systems, these systems can pay for themselves in as little as 4 years. Commercial solar projects also qualify for the CRA solar tax credit program. Contact us to find out more.


Solar on homes is becoming common place in many neighborhoods throughout Canada. Alberta has some of the most favorable conditions to generate solar energy in the world. With increased efficiency and prices lower than ever, now is a great time to consider generating your own electricity. Solar systems are designed to produce enough energy to offset your consumption, exporting excess power generated during the day to the grid and importing power in the evening when the PV system is not generating power. Home solar systems currently are entitled to a 26% tax credit through CRA. This program has just been extended in the last federal budget with a stepped down credit for the next two years, before ending in 2024.

In addition, the federal government has recently announced rebates up to $5000 for residential solar installations.


These are what typically come to mind when many people think about solar PV systems. They come in various sizes and are the most efficient and economical option for PV systems. They are typically mounted on the roof of buildings or on a ground mounted racking system.

At current electricity rates a PV system on your roof can pay for itself in as little as 8 years. With an industry standard warranty of 25 years for power output, these systems will offer benefits to the owner years after the system has paid for itself.
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Green Collar is excited to offer a complete solar roof system that looks great and generates electricity. These are complete roof systems, seamlessly integrating solar tiles with matching clay tiles.

We have partnered with an experienced roofing and building envelope company to ensure that this premium product is installed right and made to last a lifetime. Boasting the highest hail rating available, class b fire rating, a 25-year power output warranty and lifetime (50 year) warranty on tiles and non-solar components, this product is for those who demand the best. These installations are ideal for new roofs or to replace an existing roof.

With the city of Calgary offering a hail resistant roof rebate and the CRA tax credit for solar installations, now is a great time to upgrade your home.

Building Integrated Solar Systems (BIPV)

BIPV systems are currently being used in greenhouses, universities and commercial project globally. The possibilities for this technology are exciting and fully customizable to meet your vision. With many options available, these products come with a double layer of 4mm, 6mm or 8mm tempered glass, various transmittance levels, and the option to customize the color.


We are at a time when the world is in the midst of changing the way we look at energy use and generation. This can be seen in the multiple alternatives to fossil fuels and the continued effort to harness sources of renewable energy.

Over the next decade, as we transition away from relying on fossil fuels as our main source of energy, we have a unique generation defining opportunity. By embracing solar energy and utilizing our existing infrastructure, we have the opportunity to transform our communities in a responsible and sustainable way by harnessing the inexhaustible energy the sun provides. By integrating solar generation into existing infrastructure, we can reduce not only our carbon footprint but also the physical footprint currently required for energy generation.


How do solar panels hold up to Canadian weather?

Solar panels are made to withstand the elements! With the industry standard rating of 1.25” hailstone @ 97km/h and a 25 year warranty rest assured that your solar system will stand the test of time.

Does my roof condition or type matter?

Solar systems can be installed on any roof type. Since solar panels rated lifespan is 25+ years it is important that your roof is in good condition and will last roughly the same amount of time.

Is my property suitable for solar?

Alberta has some of the best conditions globally for solar power generation. Using the most advanced software available GCE can provide the most accurate shading report available and offer the most accurate power generation estimates. Contact us today and we will be happy to give you a personalized report on your property.

How does solar connect to the grid?

Alberta uses net metering for solar systems. This means that a solar system is designed to generate the amount of power you will consume annually. In the summer months a solar PV system will generate more power than you use and sell excess power to the grid. In the winter months and at night, when a PV system does not generate needed demand, power is drawn from the grid. A well-designed system will average out over the year to match consumer power use.

Do I need a battery system for my solar system?

Battery systems for solar are only required for off grid systems. As most installations are to grid tied properties, battery systems are not necessary. Batteries are a good option if you worry about power outages or if you want to keep the solar energy you generated for your own use. Using advanced software GCE can accurately show you battery storage options to meet your needs.

Why does solar modeling still show a monthly charge for electricity?

The projected charges shown in modeling are due to fixed administration and other fees that are billed to every grid tied property.

Do solar systems require maintenance?

For the most part, solar systems are maintenance free. If solar panels ever need to be cleaned DO NOT use a pressure washer. It is recommended to clean with a mild ecofriendly detergent, water, and a hard brush (broom). GCE highly recommends that you contact a professional for this as they will have the training and equipment to safely complete the work. Never go onto a roof without fall protection.

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